Welcome to your Ascent CPA Group client portal. Click the ‘Portal Login’ button below
to log into the portal. For instructions, read below.


This portal allows you to securely upload documents, view your tax returns and e-filing forms.
To access your portal, after you have created your login credentials, click the Portal Login
button above.

You will be able to securely upload documents and information our CPAs will need.

To Upload Documents to the Portal:

1. Click File Exchange on the left and select the folder you would like to upload your documents to.

2. Select Upload from the toolbar.

3. Then, either click Add Files or drag the documents into the box.

4. Once the selected files are added, click Start Upload.

We will release your tax returns and e-filing forms for you to sign. You’ll be notified via email

to log into your portal once your tax returns are ready for review and signing.

To View Tax Returns and Forms to sign (after returns are completed and uploaded):

1. Click the folder with your personal or business name on the left.

2. Click Tax Returns.

3. Click the year you would like to view.

4. Tax returns are in PDF format, accessible for download.

5. To sign forms, click Action Items.

6. Print the US and State Action Items. Sign the relevant e-file authorization forms and return to our office or upload under File Exchange: Signed E-File Authorization Forms.