Tax Representation

The IRS and State Tax Authorities provide taxpayers numerous opportunities to dispute additional tax assessments and may even offer relief for balances owed. Let us help you negotiate with the IRS and/or State Tax Authorities before it’s too late.

Our IRS representation services include:

Overview of Practice Areas

  • Tax audit defense
  • Tax appeals
  • Tax refund claims
  • Tax collection defense
  • Penalty abatement requests

Domestic Tax Matters

  • Back Taxes Owed
  • Complex Tax Matters – IRS and State
  • IRS Assessments
  • IRS and State Payment Plans
  • Negotiate Tax Settlements
  • Non-Filed Tax Returns
  • Obtain Your Tax Transcripts
  • Reasonable compensation disputes
  • Worker-classification disputes – Employee vs. Independent Contractor

International Tax Matters

  • Check-the-box foreign entity classification elections (Form 8832)
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)
  • Foreign Gift Reporting & Penalties
  • Foreign Pension Reporting
  • Foreign Trusts Reporting
  • Foreign Account Reporting
  • Delinquent International Information Return Submissions Procedure (DIIRSP)
  • Delinquent FBAR Submissions Procedure (DFSP)
  • International Withholding (Forms 1042, 8804, 8805, W-8BEN, etc.)
  • Streamline Domestic Offshore Procedure (SDOP)
  • Streamline Foreign Offshore Procedure (SFOP)


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